Calorie count on this food?!

Question: Calorie count on this food.?
I'm counting calories and I had 1 smallish drumstick of Banquet Original Fried chicken. Does anyone know the calorie count for this.? The box went out with the recycling after I made it for dinner a couple nights ago... also don't worry, this isn't the only thing I've eaten today. I'm on a reasonable diet... except for the chicken slip up ; )Health Question & Answer


900+ calories.? doesnt' sound right!Health Question & Answer

Chicken generally is low in calories.
It'd be around 120 if it hadn't been fried.
As it was, i'd say it would be around 200-240 calories, depending on the oil used to fry it.

You shouldn't focus too much on calorie counting, it can become so obsessive, I know the calorie content of most foods now because of it, I can't eat a meal without adding up the calories, carbs and sat fat content!Health Question & Answer

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