Is what i ate today okay to MAINTAIN a good weight? i'm 5ft3 and slim, female who is active?!

Question: Is what i ate today okay to MAINTAIN a good weight.? i'm 5ft3 and slim, female who is active.?
breakfast - cornflakes and skim milk with splenda
snack - apple and kiwi fruit
lunch - tomato/corn soup with bagel
snack - apple and orange
dinner - baked potato with tuna and salsa, low fat mayo and berry salad
snack - weight watchers rice pudding

i also had a few 30 cal hot chocolatesHealth Question & Answer

I think what you ate today is a great way to maintain a good weight.
But, you also have to remember that you need just a little bit more protein in your diet. You can get protein by eating meats, but make sure that they are healthy meats, not ones that have a lot of fat in them. And, its always okay to reward yourself by eating something sweet and sugary, even if its just once a week. Hope this helped! :)Health Question & Answer

you should have breakfast, lunch, and a snack no dinner becuase when you eat dinner and go to sleep even if what you ate is not alot it makes you gain wight becuase when you eat and than go to sleep you dont burn the stuff you ate so therefore that would be easy wight gain, trust me I know.Health Question & Answer

internet, teachers, books and my intellegent brain.Health Question & Answer

That sounds fine. If my reassurance isn't enough to placate you, you could always count how many calories you're taking in for the day, and compare it to the standard of around 1800. But it sounds like a perfectly healthy intake. Kudos.Health Question & Answer

that seems like a very healthy and orally pleasing day of food eating.

you're eating all the right food groups, and as long as your portions aren't crazy it looks like you're taking the right route to maintain.Health Question & Answer

Before you eat anything every morning drink one cup of lime juiceHealth Question & Answer

how much do you weigh now.? your calorie intake depends on your current weightHealth Question & Answer

wow i wish i could eat like you... i just ate a slice of pizza :(Health Question & Answer

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