Have you ever wanted to break your own arm just to know what it feels like?!

Question: Have you ever wanted to break your own arm just to know what it feels like.?
i have i have never broken a bone in my life and i know it's weird but i want to know how it feels.Health Question & Answer

YES or my leg. ive always wanted to wear a cast so i could feel all cool and people would feel bad for me lolHealth Question & Answer

haha i used to have that !
then in sixth grade i jumped off a small bulding and broke my foot in four places

it hurts, don't do it
haha, curiosity killed the catHealth Question & Answer

No never.

When I was younger though a couple of kids at school had plater casts and I wanted one just so people could sign it.Health Question & Answer

Why.? You have been lucky so far. Don't ruin it out of bloody curiosity. When unfortunate souls say it is painful- take their word for it!Health Question & Answer

I thought I would wait till it was an accident, because I don't want to do it on purpose if it hurts really bad (which is what I hear)Health Question & Answer

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