Random Bed Wetting Accident, is this normal?!

Question: Random Bed Wetting Accident, is this normal.?
I was raped when i was 8, and have had night mares about it off and on since.
I am currently 14.
Last night I woke up after a nightmare, in the middle of the night, to find that i had also wet the bed.
This hasn't happened for years.
Is this normal.?Health Question & Answer

I'm so sorry to hear that happened to you. While this is not "normal" for most people, it is somewhat normal for a person with your history. Have you gotten any counseling regarding the rape.? Whether you have or haven't, you need to see a sensitive therapist who can help you sort out your emotions, which may very well be at the bottom of the enuresis (bed wetting). If you do not know a therapist or social worker, ask a trustworthy adult or maybe your school's nurse.

Before you do that, however, see your doctor because they may want to rule out any type of urological problem.Health Question & Answer

it probably is normal. try the counciling again. the nightmare is a bad sign of surpressing feelings that can lead to things like panic attacks, and depression. try the councilling again. even if it feels like you don't need it, try it, it couldn't hurtHealth Question & Answer

That's terrible. I'm sorry that that happened.

One year on my birthday, I woke up to a wet bed. Don't recall a dream from that night. Seemed normal to me.Health Question & Answer

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