My poop is different then normal?!

Question: My poop is different then normal.?
so it has been green lately, and sometimes has stuff in it, like partially digested food, but you can't really make out what it once was. it is sorta soft, like not diharea but not regular hardness. my mother has been on a diet recently and i have been eating somewhat healthier then i have been (probably 2 salads every 3 days). and i may be a little stressed out over whatever reasons.

now how can i fix this problem.? or at least get it back to normal. i am not super worried about it, but would like some opinionsHealth Question & Answer

Main warning signs besides diarrhea are red such as blood, puss, extremely hard , or very pale or grey. Your change is probable due to sudden change over to more fiber and green which are good. Possible you ate more meats before but chewing well is always important and enough water through out day.Health Question & Answer

Sounds like you need to detox - drink some authentic green tea and start drinking lots of water (you need to clean out your kidneys)

also, think about your diet...and start eating healthier. And if your bowels still look abnormal, seek the professional advice of a physician, they can take stool samples and analyze it to pin point if there is a medical issue that should be addressed.Health Question & Answer

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