What Causes Carpal Tunnel?!

Question: What Causes Carpal Tunnel.?
My Right Wrist Hurts From When I Fell Into The Fireplace And Cut it, Umm that was like 2 years ago.. Now like when Im resting my arm on something for moe then 10 minuets it hurts.. I went to the doctor and she tapped my wrist but she never said what it was. But she gave me this like arm wrap, And Some Purple Silly Putty.. Could This Be Carpal Tunnel.Health Question & Answer

This could possibly be carpal tunnel, go to another doctor again. Use Salonpas. It's a kind of pain reliever, a little like 'cloth tape'.
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ok man here's what the govt doesn't want you to know... it's actually poisonous gases trying to subvert the population, what do you think airplane contrails are.?! but sometimes they screw up, and they give you carpal tunnel insteadHealth Question & Answer

Could be a trapped nerve or nerve damage from the cut - did you go to a specialist.?

It could be carpal tunnel via damage to the nerve, but carpal tunnel is USUALLY from repetitious movement (over an dover again - like typing).

Go to a NeurologistHealth Question & Answer

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