Oxycontin for after wisdom teeth surgery?!

Question: Oxycontin for after wisdom teeth surgery.?
The doctor who performed my wisdom teeth surgery prescribed Oxycontin as a painkiller. My father had to take it when he battling cancer, I just wanted to know is this a normal prescription for a painkiller for wisdom teeth surgery.? I'm not to fond on taking it because of its strength.Health Question & Answer

It's quite a strong pain killer. Usually Vicodin or even Percocet(Oxycodone) would be prescribed. It's not that the Oxycontin wouldn't work. It's just that it would have been better to start out with something less potent to see if that worked for you first. When I had my wisdom teeth out the Vicodins were all I needed for a day or two and then I went to even less strong medicine.Health Question & Answer

thats fairly standard. i got lortabs for mine, which is just hydrocodone. oxycodone and hydrocodone are very similar, though. its not surprising that you got that.
actually, what im more surprised of is that a cancer patient only got oxycodone. honestly, hydrocodone didnt even feel strong enough for my wisdom teeth, and im not older and fairly thin. the first time i had had either, i assumed it would be much stronger.Health Question & Answer

No, normally it's vicoden. Oxycontin is an extremely addictive drug and dangerous. It's led to heroin use among friends I've USED to have. be careful with thatHealth Question & Answer

Yep standard meds but if you don't wanna take it then don't just take some regular Tylenol instead. But if you can just deal with the pain then don't take it at allHealth Question & Answer

If its a tablet and you don't feel you need that strong you can cut in half.Health Question & Answer

oxy... is fun.Health Question & Answer

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