What could this pain be? it doesnt have to be right an opinion would help too?!

Question: What could this pain be.? it doesnt have to be right an opinion would help too.?
i woke up one morning with pain in my neck/jaw. like actually right in between my lymph nodes. it hurts when i tuck my chin and when i open my mouth wide.its literally right where my chin and neck meet in the very middle and it hurts a LOT! i had my bloodwork done maybe like a couple months ago and it came up fine unless i should get it done again.. any ideas.? also, i have a sore throat and stuffy nose lol i just dnt know if its related to that pain.?Health Question & Answer

If this isn't related to neuritis or neuralgia in the jaw,(calcification) than it has to be the onset of the flu or viral infection. Whatever the problem, a good anti biotic should help. Lavaquin is good.Health Question & Answer

Maybe a TMJ condition.? Some people get it from clenching/grinding teeth in their sleep.

With me, I woke up one day and I couldn't open my jaw properly and it hurt, then the next day I woke up and every time I tried to open it wide it would make a cracking/poping noise. My doctor said this was a TMJ prob... I think that's the name of the jaw bone.?

Otherwise maybe a swollen gland.?

Just guessing here... go see your doc!Health Question & Answer

Maybe it's your wisdom teeth.Health Question & Answer

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