I'm not getting proper sleep at night, pl give me advise?!

Question: I'm not getting proper sleep at night, pl give me advise.?
Do you believe in yoga .? yoga is good for your body and mind............before u sleep do pranayam..........Health Question & Answer

Some of the most common causes of Insomnia include:
Normal aging
Caffeine or Sugar before bedtime
Environment change
Sleep schedule problems, Disrupted sleep schedules
Jet lag
Shift work
Excessive alcohol, and Substance abuse
Mental stimulation before bedtime; Excitement, Anger, Grief, Worrying
Sex at bedtime - some people become stimulated after sex
Smoking - especially at bedtime
Daytime napping
Sleeping area distractions and noise
Extreme temperatures, or a too hot or cold bedroom
Poorly ventilated bedroom, a stuffy bedroom
Wrong mattress, too soft or too hard

A few things you can do to bring on sleep naturally, without drugs are:

A long walk in the evening can relieve stress. It also tires you a little; just enough to let you sleep peacefully.

There are specific yoga postures that can help in relaxing the mind and body. These postures do not put too much pressure on the muscles. Deep breathing coupled with some simple postures have contributed significantly in helping insomnia patients.

A cup of hot milk with honey acts as a natural sedative if taken at bedtime. Honey has been known to be effective in bringing on sleep. You can substitute the milk for warm water if desired. Two teaspoons of honey in warm water before bedtime can help you sleep.

A hot bath just before going to bed. A hot bath can change the body temperature and will help you relax.

Learn how to turn off your mind by meditation, relaxation techniques and positive thinking.Health Question & Answer

Perform physical excercise before sleep , try to read a good book before sleeping , body contraction,will also helpHealth Question & Answer

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