Broken Finger - advice please!?!

Question: Broken Finger - advice please!.?
Hi I broke my middle finger on my left hand yesterday and have a fracture clinic appointment in a couple of weeks. All the nurse did after x ray was strap my finger to the one next to it. However, I did not ask whether or not I could still work with it. I work as an accountant so not really much physical labour but I do have to drive 20 miles to get there. It is very painful if I move it but I am sure that driving wont be too much of a problem. Or should i just be resting it as much as possible (well as much as you can being a mum to a 16 mth old baby!) Thanks :)Health Question & Answer

Your finger will be fine. The technique used to dress it is called 'buddy strapping' which straps the injured finger to the next finger. We don't tend to put hands in cast because it is to restrictive and research shows that fingers heal perfectly well with buddy strapping.

I'd say you don't have to be too careful with it. Like you said, your not going to be doing any hard labour but listen to your finger. If it hurts then you're doing something wrong. Try and keep it straight but the mistake alot of people make is to not do anything with it at all. Remember these muscles will become weaker if they're not doing anything.

Eat a good diet and relax and you'll be fine.

P.S Remember to keep all of your appointments.Health Question & Answer

Strapping a broken finger to a good one is about the only way to treat such an injury. As to whether you can drive - well, if you are full control of the car at all times, that is no problem. If you have difficulty steering, try getting a really naff foam cover for the steering wheel, as it will improve your grip, and you can steer without actually holding the wheel tightly. If you can manage to look after a baby with a broken finger, then you can surely work. Good luck.Health Question & Answer

One would assume that buddy-taping (the official name of what you have, believe it or not) is appropriate for the type fracture you have, and if that's the case, you're welcome to move it within the restrictions of the taping. Be sure when you re-tape to put a bit of cotton between your fingers, else the moisture (perspiration) will give the enclosed skin that nice fish-belly white look, and chafe. Think of the baby's diaper rash and how that would be on your fingers!Health Question & Answer

I'm not really sure why they buddy tapped it as that's a half *** way of immobilizing it that's not the most effective. Oh well to each his own. If it's truly broken my personal opinion is it should be splinted and rested so it heals right. In addition to that you should follow up with an orthopedist within a week. The good news is this shouldn't effect you from working since you have two hands. I would say limit the mobility of that finger as much as possible otherwise you could risk injuring it further.Health Question & Answer

you will be able to drive and go to work just try and keep your fingers as still as you can, my daughter recently broke her finger and she went to school with itHealth Question & Answer

go to doctorHealth Question & Answer

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