What is the feeling when we get "pins and needles"?!

Question: What is the feeling when we get "pins and needles".?
Curious about it. How does it happen and what is it.?Health Question & Answer

Peripheral neuropathy can have a number of causes. Probably the most common is mechanical pressure on a nerve. Under compression, the first nerve fibers to lose function are the ones that conduct sensation. As the sensory fibers "go to sleep," the first signal perceived is the familiar "pins-and-needles" tingling sensation. And good luck.Health Question & Answer

That is usually when a part of your body starts losing circulation, like when your legs are pretzel style, one of your feet could feel pins and needles because the blood is being stopped by your leg on top of it. if that makes sense.? lol. And it is this tingly feeling, just like super tingly but it kind of hurts. It is weird lol.Health Question & Answer

Has to do w/circulation. when the blood supply is cut off...it will feel like pins and needles when it starts to come back into the tissue.Health Question & Answer

Well if this occured while your legs/feet/hands or arms were crossed it's do to poor circulation...insufficient blood blood. Move them around a bit :)Health Question & Answer

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