Small lump in neck under jaw?!

Question: Small lump in neck under jaw.?
This morning i woke up and felt this weird thing in my neck. Its like a real small lump thats like under my jaw and in my neck. It feels like im pulling or stretching something when i stretch my head back. Im not sure what it is, but i dont like the feel of it haha. its like right next to my esophagus.
WhAt Is It.?!
oh and its not visible unless i stretch my neck backHealth Question & Answer

check with your doctors, but, lymph nodesHealth Question & Answer

If it is a small pea size lump directly under your jaw, it may well indicate the start of a dental problem such as infection/abcess. If not that then probably a lymph node although they are usually considerably larger when inflammed.Health Question & Answer

I would suggest seeing your GP, especially if it's causing pain.
Are you sick at all.? Maybe your lymph nodes are swollen...Health Question & Answer

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