Under sedation, what will I be aware of?!

Question: Under sedation, what will I be aware of.?
I'm getting a nose job and I was reading about the sedation
will I be able to:
hear them breaking my nose
or see anything.?Health Question & Answer

ya you'll see and hear. but relax whatever they're doing will not bother you at all. u just wont care. your mind will most likely be way off in an old memory or just random thoughtsHealth Question & Answer

If it is conscious sedation, you will not feel anything but maybe some pressure. You will hear and see normally although you will feel groggy and maybe even go to sleep.
Under deeper sedation where you are sleeping, you will wake up when it's over and not remember anything except maybe trying to count backwards.Health Question & Answer

not while being under i dont remember anything when i was under
the bad part is my little bro had surgery and the stuff they gave him didnt put him under he could hear see and feel everything but due the sedative he couldnt scream or move
that doesnt happen anymore cause now when you go under you are hooked to a machine that watches your heart rate and if you heart rate goes up they will immediatly give you more till it goes downHealth Question & Answer

No you'll wake up like it's a minute later and you're done, you wont be aware of anything, you may have pain when you wake up but just slight.Health Question & Answer

not if you are sedated, if they are just going to numb it then yes, but they wouldn't do that for an operation that big. you'll go to sleep and wake up with your nose feeling weird.Health Question & Answer

I've heard it varies, but I remember nothing at all, not a thing.
I'm glad I did it. Be careful after surgery. I got hit by a ball and it swerves to the left a little.Health Question & Answer

Don't think it matters what you see or hear, you'll be too zonked out
to give a damn !Health Question & Answer

Nothing at all.Health Question & Answer

Uh, no. You'll be asleep.Health Question & Answer

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