Second degree burns if no hospital?!

Question: Second degree burns if no hospital.?
what happens to second degree burns if you can't see a doctor or go to the emergency room. if you cool it with water and wrap it in gauze should it be ok or do you absolutely have to go to the emergency room.? and what do they do for it there.? its 3 inches across and 5 inches long.Health Question & Answer

I slopped hot grease over my thumb and got a second degree burn. It hurt unbearably so I went to the doctor. This is what they did after I got there. It was a clean burn so the doctor smeared it with antibiotic ointment and wrapped it in gauze. He told me to do this every day for a week. He also prescribed a pain killer which I took for the first day, but after that, the pain just stopped. If you keep the burn clean, covered with neosporin or other antibiotic ointment and protected, it should heal. However, if there is any sign of infection, please get to a doctor immediately!!Health Question & Answer

In any case where you suffer second degree burns. You need to be seen immediately by a burn specialist at a trauma burn center because the burn can become infected, you may require immediate surgery even though you might not think you need the treatment. Burns can cause shock and significant pain that requires sedation.

I would strongly suggest that you not delay seeing a doctor for burns especially for second and third degree burns. You need specialized care after you suffer a burn injury.Health Question & Answer

If you are certain it is a second degree burn you are probably in a lot of pain. Generally such burns are alarming but the fact that its only 3-5 inches long is not such an issue. The real threat of such burns is the onset of very serious infection that home made bandaging will not take care of. You should definitely go to the emergency room just to get at least checked could be serious.Health Question & Answer

The thing you have to worry most about burns is it getting infected.

Your need to get some antibiotic ointment to apply to it to keep it clean.

also aloe will help it heal it. You probably should apply the Aloe and antibiotic ointment at least a couple times a day.

also start taking some Vitamin C. It takes a lot of energy for your body to help heal a burn, so you need to replenish yourself with Vitamin C.Health Question & Answer

Well how do you know its second degree.? A dry sterile dressing would be much better than gauze. At least try and make a doctor appt. if nothing else.Health Question & Answer

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