How long do sprains take to heal?!

Question: How long do sprains take to heal.?
I sprained my right foot at the start of winter break. It's been 4 weeks and it still hurts, not as much as it did during break but i still can't jump tip toed or run very fast.

The sprain is like at the big toe of my right foot at the metatarsal. It was never swollen or bruised.

I know it's been getting better, it certainly feels better than it did the first two weeks i had it. but how much longer till it's fully healed.?Health Question & Answer

Personally, I think you broke your right big toe (just based on the story). But it really depends on how you are taking care of it and if you are running/using it a lot. I had an ankle sprain that took two weeks and another that took a month. Honestly, if it was sprained I think it would be better by now. If I were you I would go see a doctor and get x rays. Good luck!Health Question & Answer

everyone heals differently. it also depends on how bad the sprain was. it could take a few days 2 heal or up 2 6 weeks! you should do the following .
1. make sure it is properly wrapped!
2.try not to apply a lot of weight on it. it for 15 minutes
4.use a heat pad for 15 minutes. repeat the ice and heat for a hour and before u sleep.Health Question & Answer

Did you use Ice in hate first 48 hours.? well, anyway, definitely use heat on it, it can work wonders, do not put to much stress on it.Health Question & Answer

give it a solid week and it will heal.

depends on how u treat it, the less weight u put on it, the sooner it'll get betterHealth Question & Answer

A sprain, if wrapped properly can take 6 weeks to heal.

If not wrapped, you will keep re-injuring it. And may do long term damage.Health Question & Answer

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