Medical bill after 1 year?!

Question: Medical bill after 1 year.?
I went to ER in November 2007 and gave my insurance and paid the co-pay. After more than a year last December 2008 I got a letter from a collection agency on a payment uncollected for a Dr who worked on me in the ER. I didn't get any 30,60,120 day notices or any invoice from Drs office and suddenly get this letter from a collection agency. I am trying to call my insurance to see what I should do but I was just curious - can a Dr bill me after 1 year.? I thought there was a minimum period that a Dr Can bill you for a service.
Second - can they add this to my credit report.? What are my rights.?

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No way, they have to let you know its trying to be billed and if the insurance wont pay it, it should be a write off.... they needed to let you know ahead of time so you could get with your insurance company.
Let the collection company know you are aware of the bill and are fighting it.
Did you move.? Could they have sent 30, 60, 90 to a different address, and then the collection co. found you.? If so then that could be different.Health Question & Answer

This has happened to me as well and I contacted the facility that billed me but just got told that the bill had to be paid. I explained I never got a bill before it was turned in and I called my insurance who took care of the matter. They say they can bill you a year later as long as the service was performed. To the medical biller, your information is news to me since my insurance paid the bill I think it must be legal or else my insurance would not have paid the bill. As long as the bill is paid, I don't think it hurts your credit report. You would have to ask an attorney about your rights to be sure, don't take anyone's word for this except an attorney.Health Question & Answer

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