Should I stay at home or go to the Doc?!

Question: Should I stay at home or go to the Doc.?
ok guys please do not critique my situation and nit-pick it one simple question needs one very simple answer, yes or no.

I work as an independent contractor so no disability or emergency one benefits. Basically if I hurt myself at work they don't care. I fell delivering newspapers yesterday morning (I slipped on ice) and now I'm in so much pain, I think I strained a muscle or something. I can feel it on the top and bottom of my thigh, I can hardy walk and the pain goes from the top of my knee to the middle of my back. I feel popping (in the muscle) when I walk, is it something you would bother the doctor with or would you just try a re-coupe on your own.? I need something for the pain because tylenol ain't cutting it. Heating pad it's working and ice feels awful! I don't need to know how to take care of it I just need to know If I need to go to the doc or not. Thanks!Health Question & Answer

of course you can go to the doctor with your injury, thats why they're there, dont suffer in silence!!!

he wont think your there just for pills because you'd be going for diagnosis and advise on how to treat your injury.

your not going there saying "oh i'm in pain give me pills".

if it was me i'd definatley go to the doctors, you could have a severe tear, then again it could just be a strain who knows.?!

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Doc, you could have torn the muscle, our strained it. Either way, medical attention is going to be the answer.Health Question & Answer

I think you answered your own question. You need something for the pain and Tylenol ain't cutting it.

Go to the doctor. Feel better.Health Question & Answer

If the pain is uncontrollable and you can't walk then you need to see a doctor.Health Question & Answer

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