Concussion and Amnesia ?!

Question: Concussion and Amnesia .?
My sister recently had a concussion in the bathroom she fell back so hard on her head she broke the tank of the toilet. As soon as my mother heard this she ran to the bathroom and saw my sister on the floor in concussion. My mother then lifted her to her bedroom and when my sister woke up she only had a cut on the wrist but hadn't remembered anything that happened. My mother then called me and told me that she fell back and hit her head and she was crying and that scared me greatly. My daughter ran to her apartment and saw water all over the floor she ran to my sisiters room and saw her laying on the bed. She asked her what happened and she said all she could remember was using the bathroom and then waking up in her bed. Well all I wanted to know from this was will this happen in the future.? Will it effect her any other way.? What might have happened inside her head.? And any more information you can give me will help. Thank youHealth Question & Answer

holy crap, that's pretty serious if her head *broke the toilet*. Definitely don't wait to go a hospital/ER and get that looked at - like today, or at the very latest tomorrow, but preferably today. She could have a skull fracture and/or internal bleeding that could put pressure on her brain and impair normal functioning - note that she does not necessarily have to be displaying severe symptoms now to have problems later. Some types of intracranial bleeding are slow and don't show symptoms until later when there's a lot of pressure developed.

Go to the hospital now, they will give her a CT scan and/or MRI or maybe just an x-ray to check the condition of the skull and brain. If everything appears fine, then at least you don't have the added pressure of everybody worrying about her. But that sounds a bit serious to me.
She should be in the car with some ice over a rag on the tender areas of her head(20 minutes on, 20 minutes off). Try to keep her head and neck as stable as possible. she may feel drowsy, but DO NOT let her go to sleep until she's been seen by a doctor.

Signs that there's something getting worse:
-unequal pupils size and/or dilation to light
-bruising is to be expected for any fall, but it's worse if it spreads or is in areas that weren't directly affected like under the eyes or ears
-confusion, dizziness, lightheadedness (this last one is caused by lack of blood flow to brain - can be temporary or can be from a condition such as a fall, so important to know)
-acting strange, altered mental status
-passing out (especially important to be seen ASAP)

Anyway, go to the hospital and I hope she's fine!Health Question & Answer

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