I Cracked my big toe nail and its hanging off.?!

Question: I Cracked my big toe nail and its hanging off..?
What do I do.? My toe nail is hanging of its quite painful and i dont really wanna pull it...
and ideas.?Health Question & Answer

Honestly I think you NEED to pull it off. I wouldn't just keep it there because that would be very uncomfortable. Or if you think YOU can't do it because it seems gross or something like that, get a friend or parent and tell them to just yank it off and get it over with.

Here is some help:


This is the same story type thing with some information from other people from calorie count. I think there is a lot more to it but you can check it out yourself.

-zozoHealth Question & Answer

Trim the nail back, as much as you can. Then bandage your toe, elevate it, take some ibuprofen and ice it.Health Question & Answer

just pull it off has fast has u can it will only hurt for a minHealth Question & Answer

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