I got my first cavity today :/ Will it hurt to get filled?!

Question: I got my first cavity today :/ Will it hurt to get filled.?
I've been doing so well with not getting cavities, and i switched to another dentist and they said I had a "natural" cavity. (Like, it didn't happen from me not brushing my teeth) And they said it was small. Is it going to be painful if they numb me.? I've gotten my teeth pulled and two holes drilled in the top of my mouth and it wasn't too painful, will this be any worse becuase I'll be awake.?Health Question & Answer

I had the same thing, like a new tooth formed and was messed up so i got a cavity. So i had it filled, and i was awake, they gave me like the novocaine injection in my gum and i didn't feel a thing. the only annoying thing is that you can hear and smell the tooth being drilled which is never fun, the worst really is the smell.

so honestly it's really not that bad, and even though the smell and sound sucks, it's worth it to get your tooth fixed. good luck with you cavityHealth Question & Answer

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