My stomach is hurting really badly?!

Question: My stomach is hurting really badly.?
It's like, i'll get a pain in my stomach that will last for thirty seconds and for each second will get worse and worse. Then at the end, when it's incredibly excruciating, my stomach will make a low, grumbling noise, and the pain will stop. And then it will repeat over and over again.
This has been going on for a while now. I've already taken 2 mylanta, and i'm still getting these pains
What's going on.?Health Question & Answer

when was your last bowel movement.?
it sounds like you're very constipated. eat some fruits like melons or apples and maybe some prunes or a bunch of raisins. drink a glass or two of apple juice and get an over the counter stool softener like correctol, these things usually will help with constipation but if the problem persists you really do need to go see a doctor.

actually you should probably just go to the doctor.Health Question & Answer

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