I need a stress reliever!?!

Question: I need a stress reliever!.?
I am 12, turning 13 next month. I am Asian and my parents can't speak English very well. This means that I have to carry about 2x as much stuff than most kids my age do, and since Asians are strict, I don't get rewards or as much freedom. I am overweight so that means I have to go to a gym daily now that I'm at an acceptable age. I am also at an acceptable age to baby-sit so I need a baby-sitting license. And I have to translate all the stuff to my parents!

I am training for the National Spelling Bee so that also gives pressure, and my texting privileges have been killed because I didn't pick up my phone so I can't quietly relieve myself to my friends. My mom also worries about me being emo or gangster. I have been emo and actually have cut myself before, and the stress is on me so I don't know if I'm going to go crazy and cut myself again. I have not been cutting for a while now. But my mom freaked one day about me stuffing money into my shoes because I had no pockets, and she said that I should have pockets so I wouldn't have to stuff money into my shoes like gangsters! What the heck right.? And now she's nagging me on how I have to type with all 10 fingers. She always said that when she was back in her country, when she had the money she would try to go gain as much knowledge as possible. And now she's pressuring me on learning stuff and COLLEGE! I'm only half way through middle school.? The only comfort I've been able to find is my poetry and songs that I write (which she criticizes), manga/anime on the internet cause' I can't buy them, and my computer, but I can't spend all day on my computer. What's a good stress reliever.?Health Question & Answer

Lay in a darkened room for 40 minutes with classical music playing on the lowest setting. Something without lyrics is better (piano, some kind of musical instrument), let the muscles in your eyes relax. If they feel better open, then leave them open, or closed, then close them.

Let your mind go through your likes (poems, anime, songs etc) but don't concentrate on them, just let them flow. The classical music can also inspire you to write something as well.

If you are receiving criticism on your writing from someone who is not a writer themselves, then don't show them. There are sites on the internet where you can post your poems/lyrics and professional writers and composers can critique them for you (constructive of course).

As for your "relief method" please don't let it get out of hand. You are young and obviously creative, don't let life get the better of you. Live it your way, be free on the inside and your parents will see the talent in you when they open their eyes.
Live through your writing until real freedom finds you!Health Question & Answer

Exercise is a great way to relieve stress...and it does your body good too.Health Question & Answer

I too am 12, in 3 honors classes, the youngest in my class, and was too stressed to be healthy. Next year i have to attend classes at the high school with freshmen! Talk about stress. I always turn on my favorite music. I don't find those soothing Cd's soothing at all. Just lay down, close your eyes and breathe in and out deeply. I try to focus on one part of the body and relax it, then slowly relax each part of the body one part at a time. Try starting at your feet and work your way up towards the head. It tends to really help me, and i hope it helps you. good luck with the spelling bee, your parents, and school.Health Question & Answer

take a long walk
cook supper for your mom
find a hobby... you're training for the spelling bee so you must like words.... do crossword puzzles or word finds.

sorry i couldn't be more of a help but it sounds like your parents only want what's best for you and want you to put your education first.Health Question & Answer

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