Ingrown toenail? help?!

Question: Ingrown toenail.? help.?
ok so i'm pretty sure i have an ingrown toenail. i've had one before but i never had it taken out or whatever and it got better.? so the one i have right now hurts like craaazy whenever i hit it or something. i don't really wanna go to the doctor but i'm sure that what will end up happening. i soak it in warm water and epsom salt. what should i do.? how can i make it hurt less .? any tips.? i know all of you will say go to the doctor but is there anything i should do in the meantime.?Health Question & Answer

You can typically treat ingrown toenails through lifestyle and home remedies, such as soaking your foot regularly in warm water and applying an antibiotic cream. If pain continues or there's pus or redness that seems to be spreading, see your doctor. You may need to have part of the nail removed and antibiotics prescribed for infection.

Ingrown toenail treatments include:

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