Temp still at 95.8...but I just ran and am very warm! Whats going on?!

Question: Temp still at 95.8...but I just ran and am very warm! Whats going on.?
Ok a while ago I was very cold so I took my temp. and it was 95.6...it has been hours since then I have warmed up and i just ran for 20 minutes and am very sweaty (idk if that has anything to do with it or not so I just added that detail sorry) and i just took it and it was 95.8. It normally lies in the 97's. What could be going on here.?Health Question & Answer

Average Normal body temp is 98.6 -- some people run a slightly higher or lower temp than Average -( I run about 97.8) - But 95 is bordering on hyperthermia -- Sweating is the body's way of 'Cooling" down --If your temp isn't up in 30 minutes --Get another thermometer or go to ER-Health Question & Answer

Don't worry, my temp is sometimes that, then its like 96 then its 97. Thermomiters are not always right!!! Just take it every five minutes and you might see that it is wrong. If you start to feel ill however, make sure its not just anxiety, and go see a doctor. Hope this helps.Health Question & Answer

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when you are sick, you can sweat more. i wouldnt run a lot when you have a below average temp. or your thermometer is badHealth Question & Answer

95 is the tempeture of a dead body .there MUST be something wrong with the thermometer.(maybe not dead body but very sickly)Health Question & Answer

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