My Neo-Sporin expired in 9/2002. Is it still good to use?!

Question: My Neo-Sporin expired in 9/2002. Is it still good to use.?
Or will the antibiotic be totally ineffective.?Health Question & Answer

I'm not a professional but I do have two years of Walgreens employment under my belt. The worst possibility is that it will be less effective in preventing an infection. There aren't any possible negative benefits so I say go for it.

~~Brian~~Health Question & Answer

nope, its not good to use. Will it be totally ineffective.? dunno. will it burn your skin or infect you with something else.? Dunno. its 6 years old and it already had its own shelf life to get that far, this could be 14 year old far as you know.
using it might be the same as putting on some k-y jelly, does nothing but make that infection stay in there.Health Question & Answer

It's expired by a lot... which means it is no longer recommended for use. It probably will be ineffective. Maybe a placebo effect will happen for you, good luck!Health Question & Answer

No. Nothing bad will happen, it just won't be effective.Health Question & Answer

it might be less effective but yeah itll workHealth Question & Answer

ya it is fine any wayHealth Question & Answer

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