Hit my head and I need help?!

Question: Hit my head and I need help.?
I was climbing a fence and I tripped and hit my head and the back side was numb but now it stings. I can remember everything so not really any memory loss but should I worry about this.?Health Question & Answer

I guess you're ok. You might have a slight concussion. One place a serious concussion might show up is in your pupils. Have someone look into your eyes and if both pupils are the same size then you don't have any serious pressures in the head. I think you just got a good knock and are ok. If my kid, I'd observe the eyes for a while, give a couple of ibuprofen (over the counter and cheap) pills (total about 400mg 1st dose, 200 thereafter every six hours for one day. If you're pain is receding or gone after that you're ok. Next time walk through the gate.Health Question & Answer

Been there.Health Question & Answer

you should worry about it because i once was stuck in a tree that was 15 feet in the air and fell and cracked my head open . if your eye sight goes a lightly fussy then tell someone

please answer my question ,


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thxHealth Question & Answer

falen of a tree and craking open headHealth Question & Answer

See a doctor. Anytime you have an injury to your head you should get it checked out. As someone else already stated, head injuries can be unpredictable.Health Question & Answer

It's probably all in your head however you still might want to get it checked out by a professionalHealth Question & Answer

If you have any question about this at all, you need to go see a Doc. Head injuries can be unpredictable.Health Question & Answer

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