Have I got low blood pressure? If so, how can I improve it?!

Question: Have I got low blood pressure.? If so, how can I improve it.?
-I have passed out several times
-My hands and feet are incredibly cold
-I get cold very, very easily
-i get sparks in my eyes when I raise myself up quickly
-I can get headaches in the mornings

Does this sound like low blood pressure.? How can I improve it.?

Thank you!Health Question & Answer

Enter your blood pressure levels at this website, it can determines whether your blood pressure is normal or not. Of course, you need get your blood pressure levels reading. http://www.etoolsage.com/converter/Blood...Health Question & Answer

except for the passing out
ive been experiancing alll those things LIKE ALL OF THEM
im scared now does this mean i mite have low blood pressure it runs in my family.. not to mention my hands have been shaking alot lately and im losing my hair!Health Question & Answer

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