I feel a bump on my right nipel and wheni push on it it stings kinda?!

Question: I feel a bump on my right nipel and wheni push on it it stings kinda.?
when i feel my nippel it feels like a bump is in it i never thought to go to the DR but should i or whats upHealth Question & Answer

It might sound weird but yes, go to your doctor. Don't be surprised if he order's a mammogram. That is if your over the age of 21, but men can and do get breast cancer too.You might also have a small cyst,which will show up too. Believe me the technicians all fight over the men when they come in for them because they're so much easier then women. Please see your doctor asap as time does count in these circumstances. Good luck and God BlessHealth Question & Answer

nursing experienceHealth Question & Answer

hmmm how old are you.?
probably puberty.
if not puberty, good luck, go to the doctor.Health Question & Answer

It pays to get this checked out at your Doctors......Health Question & Answer

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