A scar on my elbow? infected?!

Question: A scar on my elbow.? infected.?
well i was at an R.V. show and i laid on a bed to see if it was comfortable and the bed flipped cause it was unstable and i hit my elbow very hard on a sharp ledge and it cut. That was about a month and a half ago and now i have a red bump on my elbow and it looks like there is something inside it (yeah... gross i know) plus it hurts to touch it

Well what i'm really asking if this has ever happened to you and how to get rid of it.Health Question & Answer

Could be- don't know since we can't see it. I think if you are concerned you could go to the doctor or just treat it at home by cleaning it up and putting on some neoporin and put a bandage over it.Health Question & Answer

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