I can't afford to buy all my meds this month which ones should I get or skip?!

Question: I can't afford to buy all my meds this month which ones should I get or skip.?
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Wow... you should really talk to your physician regarding this.

for example, Albuterol (for your asthma).. going to need it or you can die.

Ambien -- for sleep (can you sleep without it)
Flexeril -- muscle relaxant
Proac-- for depression (probably need it right)

I would not feel right telling you which one to not take, but you can post here on my forum:
and i can give you details on each one in private.Health Question & Answer

med studentHealth Question & Answer

Percocet. There are cheaper over the counter pills you can take for pain. You might try one of the many discount stores that now offer a lot of prescriptions for $4.Health Question & Answer

You need the albuterol and the sprivia and maybe the crestor. You need to get off all the rest anyway.Health Question & Answer

skip the crestor . also skip the percocet and take Advil.Health Question & Answer

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