What's worse...... a tension headache or a migrane headache?!

Question: What's worse...... a tension headache or a migrane headache.?
Tension headaches are a nightmare, but my migraines are so bad I would end the misery if I could think straight enough to do it when I have them. With migraines you can actually stroke out and it is much worse. Learn how to relax and what your triggers are. When you have these headaches building (either kind) take something right away. My neurologist told me I was only making it worse by avoiding drugs and trying to be tough. Take something as soon as it is coming and it could either keep it at bay or make the duration shorter.Health Question & Answer

well migranes suck cuz they last a long time but i get tension headaches in the back of my head that have dropped me to my knees from the pain it feels like sum1 is rammin a stake through my headHealth Question & Answer

a migrain is definatly worse. it causes a lot more painHealth Question & Answer

my sistersHealth Question & Answer

Migraines are by far the worst for me.Health Question & Answer

a miggrane they can last for daysHealth Question & Answer

have them once a monthHealth Question & Answer

migraines!Health Question & Answer

sameHealth Question & Answer

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