Help! Joint pain (mostly on left side)?!

Question: Help! Joint pain (mostly on left side).?
I am only 18 but recently -- as in the past few weeks-- have had a lot of joint pain. i am very fit (5'5" and 115) and exercise regularly, but there seems to be no cause to this almost constant pain. It is mostly on the left side of my body. What could this be.? my chest hurts sometimes too, so i don't know if thatt could go along with it.

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Hi Dear

The pain in the joints could be from exercising. If you are a right handed then the left side is naturally a bit weaker. The tendons and ligaments may have some inflammation. Take a break and have some rest for couple of days. Don't be too anxiousHealth Question & Answer

possible systemic drug reaction from your pnuemonia meds. go see your doc.Health Question & Answer

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