Why does my cheast hurt when everytime i eat?!

Question: Why does my cheast hurt when everytime i eat.?
it's almost like i swallowed a big ring or when you eat hard candy and you swallow it and you can feel it go all the way down. lol
this has been going on for 5 days now. it even hurts if i breath too deeply or drink.Health Question & Answer

that happened to me once. i went to the emergency room and it turned out that it was an inflamation of the tissure lining in my lungs. All they gave me for it was some asprin but you never know so if it persists or gets worse you should go get it checked.Health Question & Answer

Well, When you eat and your chest starts hurting, It's a common thing thats called Chest burn. Chest burns are eating and chewing food. When you eat your food you swallow it and only chew like twice. You need to chew several times or more to munch them into small pieces.

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id get that checked out pronto, my friend had stomach pains and i presume he shat blood, and he went to the doctors just in time to find out he had an ulcerHealth Question & Answer

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