Am I going to be in serious danger?!

Question: Am I going to be in serious danger.?
I have been ingesting around 2-3 grams of acetaminophen with my tylenol pm every night for the past couple of nights due to my tolerance for diphenhydramine building up, i just messed up my math and ingested around 5 grams of acetaminophen on complete accident, i know it is not recomended to take more than 4 grams of acetaminophen in a 24-hours period because of its destructive effects on the liver, my question is am i in serious danger here or should i just take this little lesson and make sure i never do this again.?Health Question & Answer

You should be fine. You need to take more acetaminophen for a longer time period than what you have ingested. If you make the mistake the next time just throw up and get rid of the pill.

Ambien by the was may have a lot of side effects. Short term memory loss is one of them I have been taking diphenhydramine for 5 years to sleep and have never had a build up that made it ineffective. Frankly you only need one tablet a night to have the same effect as two tablets.Health Question & Answer

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tylenol is very bad for your liver. you shouldn't do that, you are hurting yourself! if it's the diphenhydramine that you need more of you can buy that separately without the tylenol in it. it's an antihistamine like benedryl.
if you are in a lot of pain, taking that much tylenol isn't going to help you and you should see a doctor. and also if you are having trouble sleeping, they have prescriptions for that without those two drugs in them, and you should not build a tolerance to (like ambien).Health Question & Answer

Call Poison Control at 1-800-222-1222 and tell them exactly what you told us here. They can tell you if you need medical treatment. And yes, NEVER do it again.Health Question & Answer

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