How long does it take before hunger pains stop entirely?!

Question: How long does it take before hunger pains stop entirely.?
I was reading a book earlier, in the main character had a bet with someone else that he could go more days without food than the other person could. There was a line where he said "after three days, you don't feel the hunger pain anyway", so I'm curious as to if that's the truth or not. Thank you.Health Question & Answer

3-5 days, but you feel really sick and dizzy. It kind of depends on the person and how much water you drink.Health Question & Answer

I have anorexia.Health Question & Answer

which book would this be.? it's an incorrect book. they aren't called hunger pains they're called hunger pangs. so obviously the answer is truly for you. but they go away after five days completely.Health Question & Answer

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