I think my nose is broken [Details inside]?!

Question: I think my nose is broken [Details inside].?
well, I was walking home from school, and some gangs members assaulted me. I got on the floor and they just aimed for my head, They hit me in the face a couple of times, mostly in my cheeks and my forehead.

when i got home, i discovered that my nose was swollen, and it was painful to touch. I can breath out of it fine.

Could my nose be broken.?Health Question & Answer

You can't break your nose as there is no bone in it. If someone punches your nose it will hurt and it will swell - this is what is expected.

There is nothing to worry about here - it will sort itself out after a couple of weeks.Health Question & Answer

I know I'm not actually giving any medical advice here on whether or not it's broken, but I'll give you SOME advice. First off, talk to the police about it. Tell them what happened, where it happened and if you saw what any of the gang members looked like. Then, go see a doctor or go to the hospital. Don't ask the internet for medical advice if it could be serious.Health Question & Answer

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