Misqueto bite help/questions?!

Question: Misqueto bite help/questions.?
hello i just recently moved to Sydney Australia and since the day i arrived ive been bitten by quiet a few mosquitos(they like my blood XD) but anyway so i was wondering if there was something i could put on my skin/bed at night to stop them from "attacking" me...also i was wondering since they suck you blood how come they leave a mark and how come they don't itch until you scratch them once and then a big bump appears.? do they put a small amount of Poison in or something.? and 2 all my friends who are thinking why the heal is he asking this question.? i haven't posted one in a while and i should help out some people with points and stuff...and i was bored and got interested lol XD anyway thanks guys!!!Health Question & Answer

This is how and why it happens:

Well, the female mosquito is to blame as the male mosquito does not bite. As she lands on your skin and sticks her proboscis (mouth part) into you, some of her saliva enters your skin. It contains proteins that prevent your blood from clotting thereby allowing her to suck blood with ease until her abdomen is full.

After she has bitten you, some saliva remains in the wound. Proteins from her saliva evoke an immune response from your body causing the injured area to swell. Hence, it is the mosquito

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