Hi I quit smoking a short while ago and have since ...?!

Question: Hi I quit smoking a short while ago and have since ....?
been suffering blood curdling nightmares my smoking councillor said it was a side effect of the patches and to take them off at night. I did this and it still happening what i really want to know is has anybody else suffered it and how long will it be before it subsides as nightmares are really frightening thanks xHealth Question & Answer

I had very severe nightmares with the 24 hour patches. I had to stop using them and started using Zyban instead which was fantastic. I used to smoke 80 a day but I've never smoked for 8 and a half years now.Health Question & Answer

Congrats on giving up smoking! Smoking is something that we would all be better off without, and I admire your courage for stamping out those nasty cigarettes.

Nightmares can also be bought on by change, I know I get horrid ones when I go through a big change, your body is probably also craving nicotine, which you know only too well you are better off without. Going cold turkey with something is really hard, but if you have given up, just have the confidence that you can go all the way.Health Question & Answer

I still smoke but have made numerous attempts at giving up. What I can tell you is that some people have much worse side effects than others and it sounds like you are one of them. I find myself getting angry with things that happened years and years ago when i was a kid, or I feel my head tearing apart, rather like the devil and angel scenario. I also find that I suddenly get up to do something, but can't think what! After several days I get hyper, and i think this may be the case with you, you are not sleeping well so your brain is overly alert at night. a friend of mine quit, using patches and had the same symptoms as me, and I found that using patches is a no no. But after about a month of no patches and no cigs, my friend was ok. So give yourself time.Health Question & Answer

How can you smoke 80 a day, there's only 24 hours in a day. But half of that is sleeping So that means you were smoking around about 6 an hour.?Health Question & Answer

I heard that about the patches too, they may well be still in your system. Keep at it, it will soon go.Health Question & Answer

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