I burnt my tummy and tongue.How do i get the burn/pain out?!

Question: I burnt my tummy and tongue.How do i get the burn/pain out.?
I was eating noodles and i spilt some on my tummy and it burned it (and my tongue) how do i get rid of the PAIN.?.?.?Health Question & Answer

You might want to eat some warm smooth food for the tongue don't eat anything that can hurt the tongue like chips. And let the tummy heal nature will take its course and heal it.Health Question & Answer

You could try a company called forever Living Products which sells aloe gelly which will help remove the burn on your tummy but you have to mail order it from www.organic-rainbow.myflpbiz.comHealth Question & Answer

freindHealth Question & Answer

For your tummy (tee hee!), I would recommend ice or cold compresses. For your tongue, again try sucking on ice or eating cold food.

That should help with the pain.Health Question & Answer

Paracetamol is usually good for pain...Health Question & Answer

Let me kiss ur tongue & tummy and the pain will be nowhere...Health Question & Answer

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