Best earplugs for musicians/concert go-ers?!

Question: Best earplugs for musicians/concert go-ers.?
I'm a musician and I'm about to go on a long tour which is going to have me in loud venues almost every night for two months straight. I also go to a lot of concerts on the side. I know that's terrible for my ears, and I'd rather not lose my hearing when I'm 30. I know there are ear plugs made especially for musicians and concert go-ers and I was just wondering if anyone knew which ones were the most effective.? I was looking at this site and they said their ear plugs would protect my ears for two hours in a concert setting. Are there any that would protect them for longer.?
Oh, and I'd prefer smaller ones, not huge ear-muff like ones that would be distracting to the audience when I'm on stageHealth Question & Answer

The best selling natural sound noise filters (ear plug type) in the US are the ER-20 Hi-Fidelity plugs made by Etynotic research. 1 pr. $10 -
3 pr. $28 - 5 pr. $45
The best selling noise filtering ear plugs in Europe are the MusicSafe by Alpine. 3 (1 spare) $30 - 3 sets of 3 $80.
The ones I think are best for your situation are the Perfect-Fit model ER-1 (25dB) custom Natural Sound Earplugs. About $153.

The ER-20s and the Alpine MusicSafe plugs are available in "Band Packs - more sets - if the other members are interested, and they should be.

One more note - you can buy over the ear type electronic hearing protectors for around $100 set. I understand your reluctance to wear such so am just mentioning this.
I wore Norton Sonic II ear plug noise filters and played loud music for several years with no apparent hearing loss.
They are also good for wearing at other times when you are going to be exposed to high sound levels - operating a chain saw, shooting, drag races, etc.Health Question & Answer

ER-20 -
MusicSafe -
Perfect-Fit - (next to last set)Health Question & Answer

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