How can you tell when you have swollen lymph nodes?!

Question: How can you tell when you have swollen lymph nodes.?
That sounds really stupid, but I can't tell if they look different than usual...both sides of my neck under my jaw are really tender and sore and I noticed the pain kind of suddenly. Does this mean I have swollen lymph nodes, or do you actually have to see a lump.?Health Question & Answer

ya, its possible they could be swollen lymph nodes, they swell when pathogens try to enter the body. If you think it's a lump and it doesn't go away in a few days, make a doctor's appointment.Health Question & Answer

Well Could mean that.
Depending on is your lymph nodes bigger .?.? than like a normal person.

My are. but anywho you can check by kinda placing your "thumb" and your "pointerfinger" where your lymph nodes would be on your throat..

and if you feel like a little bump then they are swollen

(i just got over a cold and my lymph nodes were swollen)Health Question & Answer

Yes. Pain in the lymph nodes often means they are reacting to an infection. If they continue to swell, I suggest getting a blood test to check for infections and mono.Health Question & Answer

yea those a swollen lymph nodes and I would have that checked out by your doctor. Check out this link on web md Question & Answer

most likely yes you do have swollen nodes,Health Question & Answer

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