Other than at a funeral, when are guys allowed to cry?!

Question: Other than at a funeral, when are guys allowed to cry.?
From what girls have told me, it's only OK for a guy to cry when someone close to them dies and at the funeral. They have told me that it's never OK to cry if they got hurt physically no matter what, and if they cry because of frustration (for any reason) it's a major turn off.

Is this true.? Guys aren't allowed to cry because of anything other than a death of someone close.? This doesn't make sense girls...We have feelings too don't we.?Health Question & Answer

When we let others tell us what is acceptable and not, to me, that is allowing society to rule us. It makes me mad that human beings must be stereo-typed at all.

I would much rather have my husband be a sensitive man who is comfortable enough with his manhood to cry, than to have him be some insensitive, macho jerk that can't show any emotion besides anger!

You can be strong and sensitive at the same time. I look at the example of Jesus. He was definitely not a wimp, I mean he willingly went to the cross and suffered great pain, but there were times when he was so grieved that he wept, (and with no embarrassment)

It is good to examine the tough questions, but take your time to search out people and books that can offer wisdom and knowledge on this subject. People who have experience. Hope this has helped and sorry if I climbed on my soapbox, I just get so frustrated when we don't allow men emotion and yet we want them to be sensitive.?!Health Question & Answer

It is OK to cry when the situation is reasonable. Men feel pain and grief just like girls. Neither should be so emotional so as to cry without reason, but if you have the need, do it in the appropriate way and time. In my many years I've known many men/boys to cry for many reasons. Don't worry about it, just let it out when it happens.

Don't know who the girls are you have been talking to but they are not very informed on the realities of life.Health Question & Answer

well you can cry whenever you want...but as a girl, i'd say it depends. If its about a death i dont blame you. if its because your frusterated, usually that is a huge turn off because i would just think that you are a pansy. If its because you are hurt, its more manly and hott not too, but it really depends on the severity of the injury. If its because you are relationship problems with your girlfriend who you love more than anything in the world, it will make you seem sensitive. if you are watching a movie, try really hard not to because girls will think you are weak and they want to be able to lean on you, their big strong man...so if your the one crying they wont like that!!Health Question & Answer

who cares that you are a guy, its your life, cry whenever you want to!Health Question & Answer

to the series finale of six feet under... that one did me inHealth Question & Answer

are you gay.?Health Question & Answer

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