How do you get a mosquito bite on the bottom of your freakin' foot?!

Question: How do you get a mosquito bite on the bottom of your freakin' foot.?
It could be a mouse bite from your dream that really wasn't a dream.Health Question & Answer

Well its unusual, I usually keep my feet out from under the doona because they always seem to be hot, but how do you know its a mozzie bite, it could be a sweat spot, or bite from an ant that has welcomed the heat in your bed, the bites are similar, so check that out first, hope this helps, goodluck! :)Health Question & Answer

Did you piss off the mosquito.? Apparently you did. This is a freakin question to say the least. You will be just fine, I promise.Health Question & Answer

Common sense and life experience as a human being and a member of society and living on this planet with other human beings and animals and INSECTS.Health Question & Answer

Well, if you aren't wearing any shoes and you feet are dangling from a chair outside. also, you could have step on an ant pile and think that it's a mosquito bite, but it's really not. :) Aren't those some pretty big stretches!Health Question & Answer

Sydney if you weren't so sweet they wouldn't touch you.

It's like when you and I go to the bar. You always leave early with an attractive man and I sit there...until closing....alone...walking home in the rain.

You don't even CALL the next morning to see if I'm OK EITHER.?.?!!.?!.?!

*tearHealth Question & Answer

the mosquito could have gotten into your home where you do not wear any thing and bit you there while your feet were up. Or if you wear shandles (flipflops) it fould have bit you then. The are small guys and a pain in the *** but they will go any where.Health Question & Answer

Do you sleep standing up.? Ifnot, then when you're asleep.Health Question & Answer

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Maybe the mosquito wanted to sleep with you and got all excited. Maybe the mosquito loves you loong time.Health Question & Answer

You could try going out around dusk wearing only one sock and one shoe, as well as pants, a hoodie and gloves. Put your bare foot up on a chair or something and wait a couple of minutes.
Should work ;)Health Question & Answer

when its a nice night pull up a chair and put your feet on it like a foot rester and they will come or go to the fishing store and buy the mosquito spray it attracts themHealth Question & Answer

Sleep with your toesies in the air ! - Or perhaps you can consider using a different position !Health Question & Answer

Sitting outside with your feet up, or if there is a mosquito in the house while you sleep the mosquito has a healthy (your blood) meal. I've had those before, they itch and hurt too!Health Question & Answer

Maybe the mosquito got under your covers somehow and bit it...i've had one there but cant remember how i got it.? hmm lol.? Anways hope i helped! :)Health Question & Answer

probablly u were sitting ur some **** like that either way ive goten them b4 you didnt have to ask a yahoo question bout it....lolHealth Question & Answer

meeeeHealth Question & Answer

You sure its not just a bug bite.?.?

((I have a bug bite on my back and I dunno how it got there.. Probably when I was sleeping..))Health Question & Answer

It flew under the covers when you pulled them back, use calamine lotion to stop the itching.Health Question & Answer

Obviously your foot was exposed. Mosquito's don't care where they bite you.Health Question & Answer

It probably bit you when you were sleeping or sitting without anything on your feet.Health Question & Answer

If you go to manicure/pedicure salon in wal-mart, it is very likely.Health Question & Answer

When you are asleep and your foot is poking out from under the covers.Health Question & Answer

may be you stepped on the mosquito
or maybe you had no shoes and BAM mosquito bit youHealth Question & Answer

sleeping/tanning lolHealth Question & Answer

its happenedHealth Question & Answer

Maybe it happened while you were sleeping. also, it could be a flea bite.Health Question & Answer

well if your laying down with your feet off the ground um yeah not too hard, unless you are wearing shoes in your sleepHealth Question & Answer

only if your camping in a tent misquito in tent and you sleep with no socks on then you could!Health Question & Answer

A mosquito bites the bottom of your foot. Simple.Health Question & Answer

you probably had been sleeping without covers or your feet were uncoveredHealth Question & Answer

i would find some anit-itching cream for that bit at Walgreen or something!Health Question & Answer

OMG! I get those ALL the time!Health Question & Answer

sleepingHealth Question & Answer

lol maybe you were barefooted and you were laying down outside and it bit youHealth Question & Answer

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