Is it possible to go numb from so much pain?!

Question: Is it possible to go numb from so much pain.?
If the pain is so bad, can you actually just go numb.?Health Question & Answer

I think you can. Emotionally for sure. I think you're actually still feeling the pain, it's just so bad that you can't feel it in the same way. For example: if someone fell off a 20 foot ladder and shattered their foot, they think they can't feel it because the pain is so intense but in reality it's in full force. Or when you have chronic back / leg pain. It's so bad at times that you can't feel it. And you get so used to it that you it becomes a part of your life. It's really hard to explain, but I know exactly what you mean. But I think you can become numb to pain, especially if it's chronic.Health Question & Answer

yes you can go numb because for example i got nailed with a lax ball and it went numb. To help ease pain rub poop on it. Perferably dog and freshHealth Question & Answer

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