1st or 2nd degree sunburn?!

Question: 1st or 2nd degree sunburn.?
I went to the beach yesterday with some friends and we were there for like 6 hours! Anyway, this was a really bad idea, because I have a terrible sunburn! My whole body, especially legs hurt and on my face I had like a blister looking thing on my nose, which popped and clear liquid came out of it and is still coming out. Isn't this a 2nd degree burn on my nose.? What can I do to minimize pain other than aloe vera .? and what can I put on my nose.?Health Question & Answer

Oh dear!

That would be second-degree burns, since you have blistering.

Apple cider vinegar will give you some relief. I understand tomatoes on your nose will too.

Drink water too, lots of it: People don't notice it, but some degree of dehydration occurs when they get sunburned.

Good luck!Health Question & Answer

I know how you feel. If its that bad you might have sun poisoning, if you get the chills and start feeling sick then you know you do. Okay, here's what you do. Take a bath in water that is as hot as you can stand it, but pour vinegar in the water, it will take the sting out of your burns, the hot water will hurt like hell, but it will feel better if you do it. After you get out put aloe on again, take some tylenol and go to bed.Health Question & Answer

Ok a couple of things...
1. Buy aloe vera, but put it in the refrigerator if you haven't already.
2. The blister on your nose..put aloe vera on it but if it gets worse or stays the same, see a doctor..
3. For pain for sunburn try some Tylenol to reduce the pain..but make sure if you buy Tylenol, see if it says day or night.
Hope nothing serious happens. :)Health Question & Answer

Apply aloe or another cooling agent, take cool showers, drink lots of water , whatever you do please don't have a hot bath with vinegar that's an old wives tale...hot water burns! Ibuprofen can be used to ease the pain of sunburn if pain persists seek medical advice.Health Question & Answer

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