Why does my friend bite me?!

Question: Why does my friend bite me.?
everytime i turn around, i see my friend with a knife and fork, and a napkin tucked into her collar. if i dont scurry away fast enough, i get bitten! is she just hungry, or a manic cannibal.? what should i do.? help me!Health Question & Answer

if she bites you, you'll live forever...Health Question & Answer

Ooooo...i think it's time. You will now be massaged by george lopez. He will tell you what to do...
but if he does NOT show up in the next 10-15min. heres what you need to do..

1. find bill cosby and scratch the back of his left ear
(this will give you one extra finger if your feet are usually cold)
2. lick the floor with gay worms
3. be in love with frog toe jams
4. spray your knee caps with pam cooking spray just for kicks!
5..(and finally say this to your friend)...
"i am the new sky..i nooooks necks feeeeezeast GOY GOTS GOTCHA!"
and..she will not bite youHealth Question & Answer

Mr.Nooks (the greatest) he tells me advice..he's great. trust meHealth Question & Answer

Ok well i feel that your friend my be a little bit odd. Im not sure if u like to be bitten or not but if not then stay away or just simply ask her why she does it and to stop. Hope the info helped.Health Question & Answer

Either she's joking or a maniac cannibal

and I agree, LOL xDHealth Question & Answer

Ummmm, i think ur friend is joking or seriously wrong in the head! if ur friend is really doing this i think u should take them to the dr. or something!Health Question & Answer

um wtf are you serious....?.?
lol you're probably just getting stalkedHealth Question & Answer

She is trying to give you a hint!Health Question & Answer

I love funny people :)Health Question & Answer

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