How could you tell if you had a broken fibula?!

Question: How could you tell if you had a broken fibula.?
I'm just wondering.

Would you have pain on the back of your leg and in your knee and in your foot.?
Yes I can walk on it( i know you can walk on your fibula if its broken!(i read it on the internet)Health Question & Answer

U can usually tell if u have a broken wrist .. leg.. my g'daughter had broken both.. and she just knew when it happened.. she heard the crack...
but the fibula.? I think xrays or a doctor would have to tell ya..
Take care.. get well soon..Health Question & Answer

Ask your doctor.Health Question & Answer

Common senseHealth Question & Answer

xrays always work.Health Question & Answer

lol thats the best I got. :)Health Question & Answer

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