I dont understand the whole 8 hour sleep rule?!

Question: I dont understand the whole 8 hour sleep rule.?
does the 8 hours count as soon as your in bed - say if you go to bed at 10 and need to be up at 6


does the 8 hour sleep rule count once your already asleep so if it takes 2 hours to pass out - you need to be in bed at 8 in order to fall asleep at 10 and get your 8 hours to be up at 6 am.

you follow.? - how does it work...Health Question & Answer

If you are in bed for 8 hours but it takes you 2 hours to fall asleep then you have only had 6 hours of sleep. If, besides that, you wake up 4 times and each time it takes you 15 minutes to get back to sleep then you have only had 5 hours of sleep.Health Question & Answer

This is not 8 hour lay in bed rule..this is the 8 hour sleep rule.Health Question & Answer

you need to be asleep for 8 hoursHealth Question & Answer

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