How can i help my knee pain?!

Question: How can i help my knee pain.?
my knee is killing me from playig foot ball (amarican not english kind) and evry time i go there i knock knees with mone kid a little shorter then me and it hurts like hell evry practice i have to sit out for about 20 minets and i feal bad to let my team down consitering my team won our leagues superbowl and was undfeated the whole year and i was mvp and the pain is right under my knee cap right at the jointHealth Question & Answer

It is really crazy to thin that there is a real cure out there for you, but alas!!! There is!!! A wonderful supplement combo called Glucosamine and chondroitin, it helps will every joint pain out there. It rebuilds and re cushions the knee from the daily or long term wear and tear we put on or bodies. From my husband working construction for 12 years, he complained everyday of a grinding pain in his knees. We bought the supplement glucosumine and chondroitin for about 24 dollars for a 4 month supply and by the third week he had an AMAZING improvement. No pain and the grinding was greatly diminished. If you are allergic to shellfish (because it is made or corals and other sea creatures), you can get a different type without the allergens. It works, and I was shocked at the insane results. Pleas at least try this, you will be more than satisfied!!!Health Question & Answer

I think this will explain every thingHealth Question & Answer

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