How can i stop my self from being hunchback?!

Question: How can i stop my self from being hunchback.?
iv just notice that i am un flexable and my back is getting a hunch in it iv tryd to stay straight but i get a back ache after a while i am really worried that im going to be hunch back i am only 24 would yoga help.? bye the way i am also 1 month pregnant, i need help...Health Question & Answer

Yoga might help. If the pain is really bad then see a chiropractor.Health Question & Answer

First learn to write English as it was meant to be.

Yoga is a good remedy.

Are you not standing up straight.? you are too young to be getting a hunched back, that is something more reserved for women of 60 or 70 years old due to osteoporosis.

being 1 month pregnant has nothing to do with your hunched back.
you do not mention your current weight, or if you have any previous back injuries. are you a couch potato.?

being inflexible is due to lack of standing up straight and walking.Health Question & Answer

when you have had you baby like 6 months after start a stretching and weight lifting program good for posture and bone mass.Health Question & Answer

The rowing machine at the gym helped me!Health Question & Answer

swimmingHealth Question & Answer

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